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Andre travels to Germany for Akkordeonale 2016!

Andre is in Germany for the Month of April to be part of Akkordeonale 2016 - An International Accordion Festival!

Watch video from the 2016 Festival!

What’s more beautiful than an accordion?

Five accordions – at the Akkordeonale!

It’s been a long time now since this well beloved and often underestimated instrument found its way out of its dusty and philistine niche to show its popularity and versatility in every musical branch: not only in traditional or folk music, but also in rock, pop, classical and jazz music, the accordion is quite at home now – even hip hop and rap have discovered it.

The Akkordeonale plays its part here, highlighting the musical evolvement of this cosmopolitan amongst the instruments, across all cultures and styles. Blazing musical abundance awaits the audience: from traditional to contemporary, from exotic to classical and jazzy. Accomplished and fiery! Adrenalin and true balm for the soul!

For the eighth time now, Dutchman Servais Haanen has gathered musicians from different countries to perform a programme of impelling blues with creole roots, classical music from Sweden, pure Basque zest for life, metaphorical Italian scores and Dutch sound aesthetics, garnished with Swiss hammered dulcimer, Spanish vocals and percussion.

Characteristic for the Akkordeonale is the coming together of the performing musicians in a vivid interchange of solos and ensemble pieces. This is a challenge, since as different as the cultural backgrounds are (and the personalities), are the musical approaches and styles: one has undergone an ambitious academic training, the other one has learned his instrument from earliest childhood on in his culture and thus the only real common language is music.

This creates a thrilling coexistence on stage. In the interaction, diverse musical possibilities intertwine with improvisational talent, spontaneity and the passion to put on a great concert together, so that the musicians become a unity, putting forth something new, something never heard before.

A unique celebration of sounds, a most exceptional event.

See – Listen – Enjoy!

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