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Andre's Magic!

It will amaze you!
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Andre is a masterful musician!

All accordions, anytime, anywhere!
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Zydeco By the Bay!

The first annual ZBTB festival was held in Sausalito California.
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New music!

A mix of traditional Creole Music with modern sounds.
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GRAMMY Nominated!

Taste of New Orleans San Antonio
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Listen to Zydeco!

There's nothin' like good zydeco music!
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Are You Ready To Learn

Download from iTunes!
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It's A Great Night Out!

Andre Thierry & Zydeco Magic will capture your attention and serve up an unparalleled musical experience that captivates your soul.
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Come Dance With Us!

“If you dance, your aches and pains will disappear.”
     -Clifton Chenier
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Dance to Zydeco!

"It's difficult to keep still when the music starts!"
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Zydeco Instruments

Accordion Magic!
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GRAMMY nominated and voted “Best Zydeco Group” by the Bay Area Blues Society!

Latest NewsKeep up with Andre On his latest Tour

February 13, 20131 year ago

CBS News has done a piece on Andre's GRAMMY nomination!

Molly McCrea spent time with Andre, learning about his zydeco, the Creole culture and the Bay Area community. Here is the link to the video segment! Thank-you CBS!
Video segment
September 7, 20121 year ago

Are You Ready To Learn - Andre's New CD is now available on iTunes!

Also available on CD baby!

The album can also be purchased on the store page of this website.

Check out the hit list on the side for song samples.

The new CD has made the ballot for the 55th Grammy awards. Nominations will be announced in December!
July 16, 20121 year ago

Andre has been added to the Monster cables Artist Roster!

Monster called a few weeks ago to ask if Andre would like to be added to their roster.  The band already uses monster cables so the answer was easy.  Check out Monster's website to see Andre's page and what's emerging there!
March 28, 20122 years ago

"2012 Best Zydeco Group" Andre Thierry & Zydeco Magic

The Bay Area Blues Society and The City of Oakland have awarded Andre Thierry and the band the 2012 award "Best Zydeco Group" This honor was received on Sunday March 25th at the Oakland Hilton Airport! Thank-you Bay Area Blues Society! Best Zydeco Group Award
January 29, 20122 years ago

Zydeco Nation - A Radio Documentary

"The French Creoles of South Louisiana are a rural people whose roots contain a blend of African, French, and other ancestries. During the era of legalized segregation, they developed close-knit communities and a vibrant musical culture. Then, starting in World War II, many Creoles started looking west in search of greater opportunity and freedom, and began a migration to Northern California. They brought with them the dance music that held them together as a community: zydeco."
2 years in the making - click here to listen to the hour long Zydeco Nation documentary - Zydeco!